A Home Dialysis Secret Dialysis Clinics Don't Always Tell You

why home dialysis

If you're one of those dialyzors who wants to feel better, then pay careful attention to this secret.The Bottom Line Of This Secret Is: You Control Your Life

The important thing for dialyzors to understand with this secret is that with home dialysis you choose when, where, and how to dialyze. Daily or nocturnal, peritoneal dialysis (PD) or home hemodialysis (HHD).

So, here's what this means: if you dialyze at home, you will likely feel better, be healthier, have fewer hospitalizations, and live longer.

Dialyzors need to know this secret because if you don't dialyze at home, you likely won't have much energy, your organs will get stunned, and you will likely get dehydrated.

So now you should ask your nephrology team if you can do home dialysis and to discuss the different types with you.

Hey, one more thing before I forget, if you're a dialyzor and still have questions, this blog addresses a whole LOT more Home Dialysis issues important to all dialyzors!