Bad Kidneys? Foods to (Maybe) Avoid?

Foods To Avoid

Foods to Maybe Avoid With Failed or Failing Kidneys. I found an article on titled “17 Foods to Avoid If You Have Bad Kidneys” While they have pointed out foods that are well known to be “high” in phosphorus, potassium, or sodium, that doesn’t mean you can’t have some. Portion control is the key…

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Reduced Sodium Bread Recipe

reduced sodium bread recipe

Kidney Friendly Recipe:  White Bread This is a very easy, reduced sodium recipe to make, just dump the ingredients into the bread maker, and push the button.  Makes delicious bread! The original recipe came with the bread maker. My husband Bill modified it to use less salt and sugar. I don’t know much about diabetes,…

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Quick & Easy! Kidney Friendly Breakfast

Kidney Friendly eggs & pepperoni

An easy scrambled egg breakfast with 14 proteins and 342 calories. Including the coffee! Very kidney friendly! It serves one, and uses a fifth or less of your daily limits of phosphorus, potassium, and sodium. You’ll have plenty of room in your diet for the rest of the day!   Kidney Friendly Breakfast This breakfast…

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Beware of Salty Meat

KDC raw salty pork

  Beware of the salt and water that’s in the meat you buy. Many of you may already know this, but I’m sure some of you don’t. A lot of grocery store meat, especially pork, and some poultry is injected with a saline solution to “tenderize” the meat and make it juicy. Bull! That’s just…

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On A Kidney Diet? Confused?

confusing kidney diet

The Best Way Too Feel Better Now! I have a question for you. Are you confused by the lists that the dietitians gave you when you first started dialysis? Did you notice that there was a list high in phosphorus and then other ones which were high in potassium and then high in sodium? Then…

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Medication Dosing: How to Minimize Side Effects

Minimize Drug Side Effects

A High Medication Dose or Quantity of Anything, Suddenly Applied, is Seldom a Good Thing. Think of your body as a system that is stable. Maybe not the way you want it to be, but stable none the less. For example, a working aquarium is normally placid, with no ripples or waves, and the fish…

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What Is Single Biggest Obstacle You Face When Starting A Kidney Diet?

frustrating kidney diet

Your Official Instructions If you’re on a kidney diet, your dietitian will usually explain to you the need to not eat too much potassium, phosphorus, or sodium.  Then she’ll give you some lists that conflict  with each other. But you won’t know this at the time she gives them to you. Then, you get to…

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Low Sodium: What Is It?

Low Salt

What is Low Sodium? According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive And Kidney Diseases (NIDDK), a food label showing a Percent Daily Value for Sodium of 5% or less (120mg) is considered low sodium. However, the NIDDK’s definition of low salt is based on a daily allowance of 2400 mg of sodium.  That’s…

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A Home Dialysis Secret

why home dialysis

A Home Dialysis Secret Dialysis Clinics Don’t Always Tell You If you’re one of those dialyzors who wants to feel better, then pay careful attention to this secret.The Bottom Line Of This Secret Is: You Control Your Life The important thing for dialyzors to understand with this secret is that with home dialysis you choose…

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Dueling Kidney Doctors- Part 2

Kidney diet help

Previously on KDC A couple of weeks ago I posted “Dueling Kidney Doctors” where I complained mightily about not getting a needed Epogen prescription.  Today, I’m posting the results of that battle. Who Won? Nobody!  I had to suffer for a month while the doctors duked it out.  My nephrologist held steady and refused to…

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