Dueling Kidney Doctors

Kidney diet help

Kidney Doctors, ugh! My dialysis clinic got a new nephrologist in July. After 6 years of being on epo, this nephrologist says, I can’t have it because it will make an inactive cancer in my kidney grow. My urologist/surgeon says it hasn’t grown! They are both kidney doctors! And they can’t agree with each other.…

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Dialysis types: 3 Secrets to Dialysis Success

dialysis quality

If you are a pre-dialyzor or dialyzor who wants to choose the right type of dialysis, here are 3 quick secrets you need to know. Secret #1: Two Basic Types Of Dialysis – 5 Flavors Pre-dialyzors and dialyzors hear me closely on this secret: Choose your type of dialysis carefully.  You can do frequent and…

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My Biggest Regret

kidney regret

Regrets! I really, really wish that my doctor would have told me how to preserve my residual renal function. I was just told that people on hemodialysis lose it faster. I actually asked him why. He gave me a vague “just because” kind of answer. He was lucky I didn’t have my wits about me…

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Eating When Your Kidneys Are Failing 


What Can I Eat? I bet you were bewildered and scared just as I was when your doctor first told you that you needed to watch your diet and nutrition. You were probably told to limit the amount of phosphorus, potassium and sodium that you eat, and then handed a list of foods that were…

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ESRD? You Don’t Look Sick – You Look Good!

This article is not directly about the diet.  It is about living with ESRD and refers to an interesting article about coping with the daily challenges of a chronic diesease. Do You put on your smiley face and look like this?   But you really feel like this? I often hear “You Look Good!”.  If…

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Weight Loss – On A Renal Diet? What I Didn’t Expect

weight loss

After 5 years, I felt it was time for a weight loss diet.  I have spent the last five years on a renal diet and I have finally gotten my prescription tuned and my life back, and guess what; I gained twenty pounds.  A month ago I decided to lose the extra weight.  But, Oh…

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How To Track Your Diet

tracking your kidney diet

Tracking The Kidney Diet – Potassium, Phosphorus & Sodium Hi folks!   Today’s blog is actually a video, “How To Use The KDC Tracker”, the post I promised in the previous blog.   You will also find it on the Support page here.  Learn how to monitor your potassium, phosphorus, sodium, protein, sugar and calories…

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Kidney Friendly Meat Loaf Recipe – Make your own!

Kidney Friendly Meatloaf

Hi Folks, this week I want to share our recipe for a kidney friendly meatloaf with you. Many of the recipes you find are for less common items, but, almost everyone likes and eats meatloaf.  Our recipe is quite delicious, especially with our “meatloaf sauce”. The screenshot below shows a serving size of 120 grams.…

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Queen of Dialysis- Surviving or Living?

Living on Dialysis

Are you Surviving  or Living?  Diet is an essential component of living well on dialysis. But, it is just one piece of the pie.  While this site is focused on a renal diet, I found this video about life on dialysis quite uplifting and inspiring.  So I thought I would share it with you. Maddy…

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Renal Diet- Why Bother Tracking It?

Kidney diet hangover

Why Bother Tracking Your Renal Diet Hi, this is Sue again. I would like to share what my experience has shown me about renal diet and dialysis. Diet is very important to me. Why? Because every day after dialysis and even the next day, I felt terrible, just like the picture, and I was not…

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