My Role As A Dialysis Care Partner

care giver

My Role as a Dialysis Care Partner Hi, my name is Bill and I am Sue’s care partner, she’s my wife by the way. She has been on dialysis since June 2012 and we have experienced dialysis at our clinic, at home with peritoneal dialysis and at home with hemodialysis. I have been a part…

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How Does Diet Affect My Treatment?

Kidney Diet For Me

  This blog was originally posted on Home Dialysis Central by Susan Emeny. I am so passionate about this subject that I don’t know where to start! To me, when you are starting, or even before you are starting on dialysis, a stringent dietary regimen is absolutely necessary if you intend to feel the best that you…

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Diet- The Missing Link for Kidney Patients

Diet- The Missing Link

Diet- The Missing Link! There is a missing link in the treatment of kidney disease, especially for those on dialysis. It is until now, the non-existent method of easily tracking a diet.  Kidney Diet Central provides this missing link. Dialysis is a fixed process prescribed by your doctor, loosely based on phosphorous, potassium, and sodium, and…

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Easily Track What You Eat

Use the drop downs to choose your food, add to list, update quantity or weight. Voila! read the result.

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Dialysis Tip- Cream in Your Coffee


  Dialysis Tips- Coffee & Phosphorus Updated May 22, 2018 We occasionally like to come out with some of our rules of thumb or, a dialysis tip.  Today’s tip is of special interest to those who are having trouble with high phosphorus or potassium levels. What do you put in your coffee (or tea)? If you…

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Dialysis Tip: Fast Food Can Be A Good Choice

dialysis tip

Dialysis Tip We occasionally like to come out with some of our rules of thumb or, dialysis tip.  Today’s tip: eating fast food. I didn’t believe it either. I’ve heard many of the horror stories and I’ve looked at the data published by many of the fast food restaurants and I’ve even looked them up…

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Dialysis Tip: A Pint Is Not A Pound??

diet tip confusion

Dialysis Tips We occasionally like to come out with some of our rules of thumb or “dialysis tip”.  A pint of water weighs 1 pound, hence the phrase “A pint is a pound the world around”. When is a Pint not a Pound the World Around? There are two types of measurements generally used for…

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