If you want to enjoy delicious meals without feeling nauseous , then here's a dialysis food tip for you!

The Point Of This Tip Is:

Homemade Bread Can Be Lower In Sodium And Phosphates Than Store Bought Bread

  • If you make your own bread, you will not be adding phosphates and you can reduce the amount of sodium in it. We started making our own bread 10 years ago when I first started dialysis.
  • If you use store bought bread, two pieces of toast for breakfast and 2 slices of bread for lunch will use up over a quarter (28%, 568mg.) of my daily allowance of sodium.
  • One slice of homemade bread cut in half is the same as two slices of store bought bread but uses only 17% (175mg) of your daily sodium allowance, leaving you room for other food.
  • Find out from your dietitian what your daily allowance of sodium (salt) is and start reading labels.
  • We like the homemade bread so much that even though I have had a transplant, we still make it.

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