If you really want to know how to know what a kidney diet is, then this dialysis food food secret holds the keys you need.

The Big Takeaway Of This Secret Is: You Can Eat The Foods You Like

The bottom line for dialysis newbies with this secret is that you should eat “no-no” foods in small quantities, use them as condiments or side dishes.

The most important thing to get with this is you don't have to give up your favorite foods.

Dialysis newbies need to understand this secret is key because portion control will allow you to follow your diet, feel better while still eating the foods you like.

At this point you should definitely get your daily food budget for phosphorus, potassium, and sodium from your doctor or dietitian.  Make a list of the foods you typically eat  look up their nutritional values at the USDA's Food Data Central to determine the amount of each food item you can have.


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