Diet- The Missing Link for Kidney Patients

Diet- The Missing Link

Diet- The Missing Link!

There is a missing link in the treatment of kidney disease, especially for those on dialysis. It is until now, the non-existent method of easily tracking a diet.  Kidney Diet Central provides this missing link.

Dialysis is a fixed process prescribed by your doctor, loosely based on phosphorous, potassium, and sodium, and other nutrients, maintained between high and low values in your blood.  Diet significantly affects these levels, but there is no easy way to track daily nutrition.

How can you keep your daily potassium intake to 2000 milligrams if you don’t know how much you are ingesting?  How does a fixed dialysis process work with a wildly variant nutrition input?  Not very well, and the patient ends up feeling like crap. How does a doctor fit a prescription to an individual?  They can’t.

What Can You Do?

Kidney patients need to maintain constant daily nutrition levels so their doctor can better evaluate their lab results. The doctor has to decide whether it is the diet or the prescription that is making the labs unsatisfactory and making the patient feel lousy. The patient that does not pay attention to nutrition and fluids, will probably end up with a one size fits all prescription and not get the attention they need to eventually feel better. My experience with dialysis, makes me believe that the patient who monitors and tracks their nutrition, has a better chance of convincing their doctor to make changes and work with them toward the ultimate goal of feeling better and increasing life expectancy. My experience has also shown me that patients have to advocate for themselves and convince their doctor to make a change that will help them feel better.

Kidney Diet Central provides easy to use, inexpensive software, helping anyone who needs or wants to monitor and adjust his or her diet.  KDC software,  designed specifically for people with kidney failure, works equally well for people with diabetes or for those who want to watch their weight.

It takes only seconds to choose a food item from an extensive list of foods derived from the USDA food list as well as your own recipes, enter a quantity and save it.  Voila! KDC software keeps a running total of your daily nutrition, thus providing the missing link in the treatment of kidney disease.

There are, of course, many other issues concerning successful dialysis, and diet is just one of them.











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