Dueling Kidney Doctors

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Kidney Doctors, ugh!

My dialysis clinic got a new nephrologist in July. After 6 years of being on epo, this nephrologist says, I can’t have it because it will make an inactive cancer in my kidney grow. My urologist/surgeon says it hasn’t grown! They are both kidney doctors! And they can’t agree with each other. What the …?

Since I need the epo to feel well and be able to do anything, I decided, for that and other reasons, that it is time to go for a transplant.


That means I have to have that kidney removed. OK, I am more than willing to have it done now as I have lost my residual function. BUT, my hemoglobin is too low. Epo would bring it up or a transfusion. I don’t want a transfusion since it will likely increase my antibodies and make a kidney match for transplant more difficult. And nephrologist will not prescribe epo, even for the surgery! I’m furious.

Needless to say I feel crappy and cannot walk very far. I had to get a temporary handicap pass. I hate it! I’m working on urologist/surgeon to prescribe the epo just long enough to get the surgery.

Urologist/surgeon said he would prescribe it, but he hasn’t yet. And he is hard to get a hold of.


I am need to become a squeaky wheel. Grrr…

dialysis squeaky wheel








Stay tuned, I’ll let you know what, if anything, happens.

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