It is our mission to provide software tools that help people with chronic kidney disease or kidney failure, monitor and adjust their diet and thus feel better and enjoy life more fully.

Kidney Diet Central provides tools to help people with kidney failure stay within their dietary guidelines when planning meals or just grabbing something to eat.


The software tools are simple to use and enables you to easily select the foods you want to eat and adjust the quantity so that the nutrients stay within your prescribed nutritional guidelines.


Keeping track of your daily nutrition entails looking up the nutritional values of every food item you eat, adding them together and keeping the totals.


With this software, you need only to choose the food item from the list of foods you eat, including your own recipes, and enter the quantity. The rest is done for you.


The tracking software allows you to easily change the quantity to make the food choice fit within your nutritional guidelines. This makes it easy to evaluate the effect of eating favorite foods that are not on the most desirable list from a nutrition standpoint.

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