It is our mission to provide tools that help people with chronic kidney disease or kidney failure, monitor and adjust their diet and thus feel better and enjoy life more fully.

This product is part of a missing link in the treatment of people with kidney disease and especially those on dialysis.

Dialysis is a fixed process with a set of fixed parameters prescribed by a doctor. The parameters are loosely based on the levels of phosphorous, potassium, and sodium, and other nutrients being maintained between high and low values in your blood. These levels are significantly affected by diet, but there is no easy way to track daily nutrition.

How can you keep your daily potassium intake to 2000 milligrams if you don’t know how much you are ingesting? How does a fixed dialysis process work with a wildly variant nutrition input? Not very well, and the patient ends up feeling like crap. How does a doctor fit a prescription to an individual? They can’t.

What needs to happen is for a kidney patient to maintain his daily nutrient levels constant. Now the blood levels have more meaning and the dialysis prescription can be changed to fit the diet. Both can be changed to best fit the individual and not be a one size fits all.

Kidney Diet Central provides easy to use, inexpensive software, helping anyone who needs or wants to monitor and adjust his or her diet. It was designed specifically for people with kidney failure, but it works equally well for people with diabetes or for those who want to watch their weight.

It takes only seconds to choose a food item from an extensive list of foods derived from the USDA food list as well as your own recipes, enter a quantity and save it. A running total of daily nutrition is maintained.

The missing link is the non-existent, until now, method of easily tracking a diet.

There are, of course, many other issues concerning successful dialysis, and diet is just one of them.


Co-founders of

Susan Emeny Susan Emeny, Founder

Sue was diagnosed with Stage 5 ESRD in March of 2012, and started dialysis July 28, 2012.  After suffering through many infections and different dialysis modalities the right prescription was found in March of 2016.  Through all this time, she and her husband have been monitoring her diet with software she began developing in the spring of 2012.

Bill Emeny Bill Emeny, Founder

Bill is Sue’s care partner; both emotionally and in terms of helping her with the dialysis process. He has supported her through in-clinic dialysis, peritoneal dialysis and home hemodialysis; through four peritoneal infections and one bout of sepsis. Using his many years of engineering experience, he developed the idea of using a data base to track and manage her daily nutrition

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