dialysis tip

Dialysis Tip

We occasionally like to come out with some of our rules of thumb or, dialysis tip.  Today's tip: eating fast food.

I didn't believe it either. I've heard many of the horror stories and I've looked at the data published by many of the fast food restaurants and I've even looked them up in the FDA database. In general it is true; everything you buy in a restaurant, especially a fast food restaurant, is loaded with salt.

Take a McDonald's hamburger for instance. It weighs just 95 grams, which is just over three ounces. It provides almost 13 grams of protein and 469 milligrams of sodium. This amount of salt is nearly one-quarter of my daily allowance. Think about it. Four hamburgers and I am done for the day and I only get 52 grams of protein; not very good.

Now What?

But; I love buts. Listen to this. My son worked at McDonald's one summer. He heard my husband and I bemoaning the fact that we can’t even eat a hamburger any more. “Why don’t you ask them to leave off the salt? Salt is added after they are cooked and they will leave it off if you ask for a hamburger with NO SALT.” Wow!

So back to the FDA database; you guessed it, no hamburgers with no salt were listed. Bad words. It was time to do a bunch of calculations which yielded some interesting results.

A double hamburger with No salt and all the other condiments, only cost a dollar, provides 27 grams of protein and only 321 milligrams of salt. This, in my opinion, is a good choice and the wait is usually not any longer than for a normal hamburger. It is also about the only one I have found.

They will also leave the salt off of French fries, but these you will have to wait for. This is a but I do not like.

Now that I think about it, I will have to find out if this is true for Big Macs as well.


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