Queen of Dialysis- Surviving or Living?

Living on Dialysis

Are you Surviving  or LivingSurviving on dialysys

Diet is an essential component of living well on dialysis. But, it is just one piece of the pie.  While this site is focused on a renal diet, I found this video about life on dialysis quite uplifting and inspiring.  So I thought I would share it with you.

Maddy Warren shows us that we can live a full life!  She does it with gusto! Although, I will admit, it helps to be young to tackle some of what she has done. 

She is inspiration to continue monitoring my diet as well as pushing to get on nocturnal.  I have 90% of my life back, I want the rest!

Enjoy the video!

I hope this video gives hope and inspiration to those on dialysis who are only surviving.

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