My Biggest Regret

kidney regret


I really, really wish that my doctor would have told me how to preserve my residual renal function. I was just told that people on hemodialysis lose it faster. I actually asked him why. He gave me a vague “just because” kind of answer. He was lucky I didn’t have my wits about me then or would never have let him get away with it. Unfortunately, I didn’t learn how until it was too late.

What Is Residual Function?

Pretty easy answer, it generally refers to remaining urine output when you begin dialysis.  But I firmly believe that along with urine output are the other functions of the kidney.  While the kidneys are obviously not doing enough, they are still doing something.  And every little bit helps, or as my doctor liked to say “Every drop is golden”.

The Short Answer

Avoid organ stunning with slow pump rates, frequent dialysis and not removing too much fluid. Preserving urine output makes dialysis much easier, but I never found out in time. You might also require less Epogen too!

Another thing, don’t let anyone use contrast dye for imaging; it will hasten the death of your kidneys.
Preserving your residual function is very important, you might be saving more than just urine output. Insist on preserving your function with your doctor.

Please learn from my mistakes.

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  • San Walker

    Reply Reply May 17, 2018

    Thanx for your article Sue. I’ve been telling D patients and pre D patients the same for years. Most won’t listen, as their dr has a degree in meds (….) but the ones that do are grateful.

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