The Food List Module

Using the FoodlistThe Food List Module is a tool that allows you to view all the items in the food list, view the nutrition values for each item and it also allows you to add items to the Food List.

Food List

The food list is used by the Tracking Module to keep track of your daily nutrition (see Using the Tracking Module) it is also used by the Recipe Module when you add your own recipes.

The food list displays all of the items in the KDC database and provides nutritional information for each item.  The food list includes all purchased food items as well as fast food items.

Nutrition information includes: water, calories, protein, fat, carbs, fiber, sugar, phosphorous, potassium, sodium, grocery unit of measure, grams per unit of measure and grams per cup.

The nutrition information shown is for 1 gram of the item selected except for phosphorous, potassium and sodium which are shown in milligrams (one thousandth of a gram).

The food list provides a method of adding items from the USDA standard food list to the KDC food list. Only food items from the USDA standard list can be added to the KDC food list.

All items added are public and can be seen and used by any member of the KDC family. Food Items, once entered, cannot be edited. L

To get Started

Click on Food List from the KDC Main Menu. You can now choose to Show a food item or Add a new food item. Showing a Food Item displays all the nutritional values of the selected food item.

Menu Functions you can choose
KDC Banner                            takes you to the KDC home page
Main Menu Button               takes you to the KDC main menu
Show Item Button                 displays the values of the food item selected in the Choose Food Box
Add New Item Button          adds a new Food Item to the Food List
Choose Food                           a drop down box for choosing a Food Item to display

 Using the Food List Module

Navigate to the View Food List page:
From the KDC menu, Left Click on the Food List Button.
You will see a Choose Food white box appear with **** in it.

View the KDC Food  List

 Left Click on the white bar.  A drop down menu will appear.  This is a list of all the items in the KDC Food List.
 View the List by using the Page Up and Page Down keys, typing the first letter, or the up/down arrows.

Choose a Food Item and View Nutrition values:

Select an Item by using the Page Up and Page Down keys and then the up and down arrow keys
Or type the first letter of the food item and then use the up and down arrow keys to select the food item of interest.
Push Enter  The food list will disappear and the selected food item will be shown in the white box.

Left Click  on Show Item.
The nutritional values for the chosen food item is displayed.

Exit Nutritional Values page

Left Click on the Choose New Button         Return to View Food List Page
Left Click on the Main Menu Button          Return to the main menu.

Add A New Food Item

Be sure to search the KDC database thoroughly to avoid duplicates before adding a new item .
If the food item you want is not in the Food List, you can add an item of your choice if it is in the USDA food list and has all the nutrition values needed.

To do this, you must be on the View Food List Page. The Add New Item Button on this page will start the process by starting the USDA search procedure. Any food item with nutrition values missing, will be automatically blocked if you try to add them.

Find the View Food List Page

From the KDC menu, Left Click on the Food List Button.
Left Click on the Add New Item Button – You will no be on the View Food List page
Grey Add to Food List Button; can’t add food until a valid food is chosen.
Red Cancel Button; you can cancel the process at any time

A pop-up window appears, with a white box and a red search button. You have now entered the USDA standard food database. Searching this database can be confusing because of the many items to choose from and the way the USDA does its search. Be patient and carefully search the list presented especially if is a long one.

A word to the wise, you will not always find the item you are looking for and some of the items you find will not be allowed to be add to the KDC database because of missing information.

Start the Nutrient Search

Left Click on the white box. Watch for the blinking cursor.
Type, in lower case, the name of the food item, milk for example, you are searching for in the white box.
Left Click on the Red Search Button
A second white box will appear with the word milk somewhere in it.
Left Click on the down arrow on the right side of the box.
A list of all the items in the USDA database with the word milk will drop down.
Scroll through the list until you find the item you want.
Left Click on the item of interest or push ENTER.
You should see your food item in the second white box.
Left Click on the Red Choose button
A list of the nutrient values will appear along with the name of the food item and the USDA food list number.
A pop-up window appears with the message “This item does not have all the nutrients available. Please try a new item.
Click on OK – Search for a new food item or Cancel

Choose the Unit of Measure

 Left Click on the down arrow in the white box to the right of Choose Unit of Measure
A list will drop down with the units of measure available for this item.
For the most accurate result try to choose a volume, like a teaspoon, tablespoon, or cup; the next best choice is weight.
Arrow or mouse down to select the Unit of Measure.
Left Click or push ENTER           

Choose to Cancel or Add to KDC database

Your new food Item has been selected. You can now add it to the KDC database or Cancel
Left Click on the Red Cancel Button if you decide not to add to the KDC food list.
Left Click  on the Red Add to Food List Button to add to the KDC food list