The Tracking Module is a tool that provides an easy way to keep track of your daily nutrition totals.

You track your nutrition by choosing either a recipe or a food item from a drop down list, clicking on it and clicking the add to list button.  A Food Item is anything purchased including fast foods.  A Recipe is a list of combined Food Items and Recipes

To get started

Click on Track Food from either the Home Page or the KDC Main Menu.
You can now select a Recipe or a Food Item to add to the list on the bottom of the page.

Menu Bar Functions

KDC Logo            takes you to the KDC home page
Main Menu          takes you to the KDC main menu
Member Area      takes you to Member Home page
Show Log             takes you to the list of all daily nutrition totals
Save All                Saves all entries that have not been saved after adding to Tracking List
Cancel                  Removes any unsaved entries that have been made

Using the Tracking Module

You can enter a Food Item or a Recipe in any order.  The procedure for doing either is identical.

Select a Recipe

Left Click anywhere in the recipe Bar.  You will see a drop down menu of all the recipes in the KDC database
Move the blue bar to select the recipe that you want:

To move the blue bar use the:

Up or Down Arrows
Page Up – Page Down Keys
Scroll Bar
Start Typing the Name; you will have time for three letters if you are fast

Push Enter Key then Left Click on the Red “Add to List” button – The nutrition information will be transferred into your tracking list

 Edit quantity or weight

The weight and/or quantity information can now be edited to reflect your portion size. You can change either weight or quantity; when you change one, the other will automatically change so that weight reflects quantity. For the most accurate information, use weight for your measurements.

Save your entry

When you are satisfied with the serving size you have a choice:

Go on to the next entry item Without Saving
Left Click on the Green Save Button, then go on to the next entry (most safe)
Save All later when you are all finished adding to the tracking list.
Cancel to remove all unsaved entries.
Do not leave the page without saving or you will lose any entry not saved.

Edit an Entry

Once you have saved an entry, you can change the quantity or weight by double clicking on either, then entering a new value.

 Remove an entry

You can remove any entry at any time by Left clicking on the Orange Remove Button.
If you are working on an entry and want to remove it, Save it first by clicking the green save button, then remove it by left clicking on the Red Remove Button.

Select “Food Item”

This selection allows you to enter any food item in the KDC Food List such as milk or broccoli. The selection process works exactly the same way as choosing a Recipe except you will use the Choose Food Bar.