ESRD? You Don’t Look Sick – You Look Good!

This article is not directly about the diet.  It is about living with ESRD and refers to an interesting article about coping with the daily challenges of a chronic diesease.

Do You put on your smiley face and look like this?  ESRD person feeling good

But you really feel like this?ESRD person not feeling good

I often hear “You Look Good!”.  If you are like me, people have no idea how low your energy may be, and they only see you when you feel good enough to let them see you.  Otherwise, you stay home.

Rationing Your Energy

I do my level best to “keep up”, but it isn’t always good enough, and I only let other people see me when I feel good.  I came across a great article, a metaphor written by Christine Miserandino, called “The Spoon Theory“.  She has Lupus, not ESRD, and she talks about rationing her energy.  As far as I’m concerned, the analogy applies to ESRD, and I highly recommend you take a look  at it here.   I know I have found myself opting out of doing something now, so that I can save myself for something else later in the day.

It is nice to know “I am not alone!”  She hit the nail on the head. Enjoy the article here!



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