Take Guesswork & Worry Out of Meal Planning

Eat what you like. Don't bust your dietary limits.

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Who Is It For? - People Who Are:

  • Newly Diagnosed With Kidney Failure
  • Currently On Dialysis
  • Have A Kidney Transplant
  • Care Givers and Family Members

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Why KDC Tracker?

  • Designed For People With ESRD
  • Eat What You Like!
  • Without Completely Changing Your Diet
  • Without Exceeding Dietary Limits

Here's What You're Getting When You Purchase KDC Membership Today...

  • Daily Tracking And Logging

    Track your daily nutrient intake.  Know exactly how much Potassium, Phosphorus and Sodium you are eating. You can also watch your calories, fats and sugars as well.  Take a monthly tracking report to your clinic visit so your doctor can adjust your prescription.

  • Use Your Favorite Recipes!

    Know the nutritional values of your favorite recipes and food items.  Add your own recipes and food items to the database and you’ll be able to track the nutrition of all your favorite foods.

  • Easy Access To The USDA Food Database

    Want to check out a new food item?  Our easy access to the USDA Food List will let you look up any item.  Tell it how much you want to eat and it will give you the nutritional values for that amount.

Click Here to Access KDC Nutrition »YES! I'm Ready to Start Eating What I Want Today

box30 Day Money Back Guarantee

100% Secure Checkout

  • Name
    Hi! I’m Susan Emeny, Sue to my friends, and I actually do this stuff!. I have lived with kidney failure since 2012. By tracking my diet, I was able to postpone dialysis for two or three months. I wish I had known much sooner to watch my diet! Even after starting dialysis, I needed to track my dietary intake to match the dialysis prescription. Please see this post about matching prescription with diet. Start enjoying your favorite foods again, and maybe even feel better too!
    Susan Emeny Founder