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Diet - What Can I Eat?

A kidney diet is really quite simple.  Weigh everything you eat.
Count phosphorus, potassium, sodium, and fluid like you would calories on a weight loss diet.
Get your daily nutrient limits from your dietitian
Budget your food over the day.
The secret is portion control.

Dialysis - Why Do I Feel So Bad After?

Are you drinking to much?  Taking off too much fluid, too fast will cause cramps & nausea.
Is your dry weight too low?
Try home dialysis.  Long and slow is so very much better for you. It also reduces the restrictions on your diet.


What type of dialysis should I choose?
I need someone to talk to.
Where do I ask questions and get answers?
What happens if I exceed my daily food budget?

End The Confusion Surrounding A Kidney Diet  

Here's A Sample Of What You'll Learn 

What a kidney diet is.
How to find out what you can eat which helps you have peace of mind without worrying that you're eating improperly.
How to know your dietary limits so you're able to choose wisely the foods you like.
How to stay within your dietary limits which helps you avoid weakened bones or potential heart problems.
What happens if you exceed your dietary limits.
The harmful side effects of not following a kidney diet
How get your doctor to listen and pay attention to you regarding your diet which helps you get better individualized care.
How to stay within your dietary limits which helps you avoid weakened bones or potential heart problems.
How to work with your doctor to adjust your dialysis prescription which helps you tune your prescription specifically to you, not "One size fits all". This will make dialysis easier on your body and you will likely feel better too..
My strategy for not giving up your favorite foods!

Eat Like Your Life Depends On It!

Save Time:  Quickly get the amount of phosphorus, potassium & sodium in your food without the headache of pawing through the USDA Food Database.
Immediately know how much phosphorus, potassium, and sodium you are eating. Did you chose a serving size that is too small or too large? 
​Avoid the harmful side effects of not following a kidney diet.
No Math: Enter Your serving size, CLICK Calculate you don't have to calculate anything. The nutritional values of your food are instantly displayed.
​Best Of All: You'll be able to eat the food you like and get good labs, without a lot of time and effort.
Kidney food finder

Always check with your health provider and/or dietitian before making any changes to your diet or prescription.

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